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  • Matt Breton

A Western Adventure

I've been back in VT for over a week and I'm mostly recovered, but the adventure is still sinking in. The short version is that no elk found their way into our freezers.

The long version is that we started the trip as greenhorns and when we ended it, while we didn't become experts, we're now elk hunters. We all saw elk, there were a couple shots passed on and one miss. We all saw a ton of wildlife- mule deer, dusky grouse, black bear, tasty brook trout, neat little pica and even bighorn sheep.

A few pictures:

Horses are the easiest way to get gear to/from the drop camp.

A good crew of guys to spend a week with is essential-

Good lunch spots don't hurt

'Nooning up' is essential

There will be more to follow on this- gear lists, food lists, do/don't and other thoughts. For now, I'm just enjoying the mellow burn of the a sip of bourbon.

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