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  • Matt Breton

Gear I Use

I thought I'd share a number of the things I use in my hunting/fishing pursuits.

I'll update this list as time passes and I change what I use.

I get discounts for some of this stuff as a guide and/or military veteran, but I only pursue those discounts on gear that I already like and use. Links are to websites where I get these items.

Boots - A highly variable category for people, very individualized based on your foot and activity

Vasque St. Elias GTX

Meindl Comfort Fit Hunter 400

Lacrosse Alpha Burly Pro Uninsulated (In the cheapest color I can find!)

Base Layers - Wool is king here

First Lite - I use a variety of weights/items based on what I'm doing. Underwear, long johns, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc

Darn Tough - These socks are key in my kit. Long for New England Deer Tracking, Short for Western Hunts

Outer Layers

Big Woods Bucks

First Lite



Big Woods Bucks


Remington 760

CVA Accura MR-X

Mossberg 500

Browning Xbolt


(Ammo is highly variable)

Other Stuff

Binos - Vortex 10x42

Spotter - Maven

Bino Harness - FHF Gear

Water Purification - Steripen

Water Bladder(s) - Platypus

Mountain House Meals

Knife - Gerber

First Aid Kit -

Calls - Phelps and Knight & Hale

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