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  • Matt Breton

Stoking a Fire

Just back from the BHA Rendezvous in Boise, ID.


A great event that involved so much. Chapter leader training, pint nights, good food, brew fest, awesome speakers, stories, and brands.

And a focus on conservation of our wild places and wildlife...for the wild life we each seek to lead.

As with anything, you can get burned out when you're mired in the details and daily grind. This (almost) week in Boise took me out to the 30k-foot view and reignited the fire for conservation that has been burning inside me; one that had been tamped down by spreadsheets, endless email chains and fundraising when what I really wanted was exciting conversations that resulted in change, engaged members and projects to do.

This was a week of two halves. The first was leadership training that highlighted what other chapters were doing, listening to headquarters staff acknowledge the challenges associated with growth (good problem!) and some rallying moments where Land Tawney talked about the people involved in this movement, this organization- our people. The second half involved a lot of socializing and fun. Discussions about how we hunt here in New England versus other parts of the country- folks from MT, ID, NV, FL, ND and GA top the list. These interactions were endlessly positive. A hike up a local trail. Beer drinking. Young folks (70% of BHA members are under age 45).

So I return to VT motivated and engaged, ready to keep moving the needle on protecting wild places and wildlife, adding hunters and anglers to our ranks and, hopefully, getting a few new folks to join the groups I belong to.

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