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  • Matt Breton

More- going for it

Sometimes, when you want something more, things get hard. True in many aspects of life. And perhaps not the best approach...wanting more. Isn't that a symptom of our modern, consumerism-based culture?

So while I wrestle with whether or not I should even look for more, the chase continues. The other direction, not seeking progress, starts me drifting toward nihilism...and that isn't good. So I default to having goals.

In my current day-to-day job, goals are a prerequisite. It is the jumping off point. Where am I and where do I want to get to? I try to help someone who can't take a step get to ten, turn a single step into a flight of them, progress running ten minutes into a half-marathon.

Nearing the end of the season, with a comfortable dose of meat in the freezer, my pursuits turn to more. In the deer tracking world of New England, more becomes a 200 pound buck; the object of my desire. The other day, looking for his track, my mind chewed on the idea that there are two approaches here:

1. Take what you can get;


2. Go get what you want

A renewed quest at hand; now, or next season, or the next after that. Down to a few days, my desire for more returns. Where had it gone? I don't know. Turmoil in life does funny things and can shake what was thought to be solid ground. A few good days in new woods can recharge things. One circle closed allows the next to begin...

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