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  • Matt Breton

Updates and Shooting

Been getting out to shoot in between training and work. A lot more bench rest work, topped a 760 with a scope, so sighting that in, plus the CO muzzleloader elk hunt requires full size bullets, loose powder an dopen sights...a bit of achange in set up. Starting to feel good off a rest out to 100 yards. And as I type this, I have an elk call in my mouth.

The camaraderie of training with my hunting partners has been good. At least once a week a few of us get together to hike with out packs for more than hour.

On the conservation side, lots of good stuff happening. The VTFWCG is kicking off some new projects, BHA is making strides in being involved at the state level.

Lastly, on the book and writing side, it looks like I'll be working on jumping in for a BWB podcast, maybe in August, and having a book event in late Sept. Work has started on a couple new projects as well- the year(s) long journey from idea to completion seems less daunting this time around.

I hope everyone is getting their body and mind ready for the upcoming hunting seasons!

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