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A Day with Dad

Got to spend Father's Day weekend with my Dad. He's a fun guy to have around and I'm lucky that we enjoy so many activities together. Saturday we played in a golf tournament with my uncle and cousin. Then Mom's retirement party.

Sunday we got a short hike in, had lunch by the lake and took a trip to try out the trolling motor for his jon boat, which is a step up from the oars he was using. He and mom will enjoy some fair weather cruises with it.

(Dad perch fishing, pre-motor)

It's hard to put into words how grateful I am that I get to spend as much time with him as I do. Only 21 when I was born, the difference in age is small enough that we get to do a lot of active things together- a hunt, hike, or fish is usually the first order of business when we make plans, with all the accompanying pieces of that.

I've written about him in other places, so I'll only touch on it here, but his life-long example of manhood consisting of taking care of his family, loving his wife, being kind, and working hard set me on a path of attempting the same. Some goals are never reached, but if I get close, I'll be doing well.

(A buck Dad and Ron shot in 1997, on a hunt everyone in camp was involved in)

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