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  • Matt Breton

Getting Outside

It has been nice to get outside the last few weeks- running, hiking, fishing and foraging. The perch spawn has been on, so we've had a couple meals of those, with a few tucked away in the freezer to eat later. Ramps and fiddleheads are in locally as well, and tasty! I continue my pursuit of morel mushrooms- someday I'll find one, I'm sure!



On the running side, my first race of the season, a 10k, is this weekend. It will end up as a nice trail run in preparation for a half marathon next week. After about 6 weeks of dedicated running, there is a snap back in my legs that strength training just doesn't provide.

With 4 months until elk season, it is nice to notice some endurance gains.

If you haven't already, start training for hunting season. And get out and fuel your body with some wild food!

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