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  • Matt Breton

Why Adventure?

What is it about adventure that is so compelling?

There is a part of it that encompasses the beautiful places and unique cultures where these experiences take place. Another angle to view it from would consider the challenge and novelty of an endeavor and the subsequent flood of emotions that comes from our perceived success or failure.

Yet I live in a beautiful place and travel away from here to other beautiful, different, places. I challenge my self regularly in the hills here and certainly could find novel, risky way to expand on it, still I desire something else.

The human animal is hard wired to seek. We seek new places, new experiences, new ways of doing old things. It has made us who we are as a species. To varying degrees this expresses itself in each person, but it does live in all of us.

When we combine the need to seek with our social behavior, we find the reason that tales of adventure are so powerful. The human connection to someone who has had an experience we want to at least have a glimpse of explains why we enjoy stories of adventure so much.

What is your tale of adventure? Have you told it, spun it it around and around and thought of its meaning...not just to you, but to the wider world? Sure, all adventure is relative and progressive, but your trip to the top of a mountain you've never climbed is just as powerful as anyone elses.

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