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  • Matt Breton

Focus on the Future

(No, not littering. About 300 Brook Trout fry being released out of that bag)

Since the book came out, I've been working on a few conservation projects. One has been stocking brook trout in some VT beaver ponds for the VT F&W Conservation Group, a small Northeast Kingdom club who has been doing good work since the 1980's. The group has a hatchery in Morgan, VT where we rear brook trout from December until about April and put them out. Members of the sporting community come to grab a bag or two of fish and deposit them within region 5.

I love the thought of my young niece or nephews catching these fish a couple years from now, knowing how it might hook them and get them to care deeply about the fish, wildlife and land. It also strikes me that the brook trout is pretty much like VT- Small, beautiful, resilient and of strong rural character.

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