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  • Matt Breton

Nature Never Fails to Amaze

I am consistently amazed by the power of the natural world. Every year, a small river near me turns into a powerful force; with rain and spring run off as the fuel. And every year rainbow trout migrate upstream to participate in their spawning run. To see these trout leap up the falls is an incredible display of power and virility. Generations of trout have made this run. As I sat there, the suspicion grew in me that it will continue long after people are gone- either gone from the earth or gone from enjoying outside experiences.

Not particularly positive.

Thankfully, I turned from the river and saw a young lady, perhaps witnessing this spectacle for the first time, whose face was open in a smile and full of wonder.


There is no video game that can compare with the raw beauty of this experience and I hope she remembers that.

For me, I'll continue to let the captivating energy of that experience wash over me, tucked away in my small corner of VT.

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